396481_305441759511933_1165023918_nAbout All Spice Indian Restaurant

All Spice Indian Restaurant believes in delivering only quality Indian food with a Fijian taste. At All Spice Indian Restaurant, we understand that when you visit our restaurant you are looking to experience quality and uniqueness you can taste. Fortunately, that is exactly what we provide!

Every recipe we offer is well thought out with special attention to detail. We provide an authentic ethnic experience with a wide selection of plates! Our dough is made every morning to serve you only the best Indian bread you’ve ever had. Our meats our tenderized and marinated overnight. Our recipes are Indian cooked Fiji style.  

In answer to some of the most commonly asked questions about our food, here’s a rundown. In Indian cuisine, curry means gravy. Korma means slow-cooked meat or vegetables. Tandoori means fire-roasted in a clay oven. Tikka means meat cutlets.  

Vindaloo refers to a fiery spicy dish. Briyani means fried rice. Masala means a mixture of spices. There are many health benefits from using herbs and spices in your diet. Turmeric has been known to be a natural antibiotic. Ginger has been known to have natural anti-inflammatory effects. Yogurt with its live active cultures is known to aid in digestion.  

Having said that, All Spice Indian Restaurant has always maintained a strong commitment to taste, quality and service. That is why it is no surprise that our customers return time and time again.


About Dan Chand

Originally from the Fiji Islands, I am the managing owner of All Spice Indian Restaurant and All Spice Coffee and Chai Bar in American Canyon, CA. We opened our doors in December 2008 to the City of American Canyon. I am committed to providing you only the freshest ingredients and great service at an affordable price in a comfortable atmosphere. I am always open to any suggestions, comments or complaints. I can be contacted at 707-645-0814.